The Mark by Blazhe Minevski

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The story is set in the front line as a sniper becomes aware that he is being held in sight of another one. The sniper happens to be a woman, an extremely beautiful one. Even though he is between a cross fire, she does not take the shot! Why doesn’t she execute the victim? How does the victim manage to save himself and then to shoot at another one? It is like in a chess match, they look at each other, carefully studying their faces through the gun sight. She is the narrator, Doruntina (our charac-ter names her Doruntina in order to establish an act of communication, a kind of connection between the two) and she listens to the victim’s story completely intoxicated . She listens a life story of the anonymous victim, whose life is in her hands. It is a story told by a pacifist, a man who has nurtured many high ideals ( he wanted to become a writer, he even participated in a creative writing workshop in Iowa, where he acquired a lot of literary friends). This story demon-strated the pointlessness of every war, the possession of the power to destroy life paths which have already been drawn, the power to stagger everything that seemed stable till then. It’s like a blind destiny which erases every previous existence, like a letter on a sand; The war, that blind power, brought back all the questions about the sense of living. What do the exalted ideals mean when the sergeant stands behind their backs and can shoot them, only because they hesitate to pull the sniper’s trigger and show mercy one to another? ‘The Mark’ is a novel of the highest literary values. It is a novel which a reader can and craft. Those things combined are a postmodern magic by itself.

Blaze Minevski

Blaze Minevski (1961) is the author of the novels “Me, Tito and Mickey Mouse”, “We Should Have Teken a Photo before We Started Hating Each Other”,” A Story about a Third Party,” A Story about a Third Party”, and “The Mark” and ” The Performers” .The novel” The Mark” in 2007 won the award “Stale Popov” for the best book of prose which is given by the Macedonian writer‟s society, the award “Novel of the year” given by the newspaper ‟Utrinski vesnik” and the award”13th of November” given by the city of Skopje. His novel “ We Should Have Teken a Photo before We Started Hating Each Other”, has been translated in Bulgarian, and the novel ”The Mark “ with a support of Traduki has been translated in Serbian. He has also written four books of stories, “ The Dandelion Season” won the Racin Award for the best book of prose in 2002. The story” The academic Sisoe‟s accessible lecture “ was selected in a group of several European best stories and the publishing house Delkey Arshive Press from USA published it in the Anthology of the best European stories in 2011. Exept novels and stories Minevski also writes plays. His plays” The Shriek”, “The Female Contribution to the Night”,” Dumb Language”,” The cradle” ,”The Marchioness de Sad in Mariovo” and “The perfection or death” for several seasons were present on the repertoire of The Macedonian national theatre in Skopje, also in other theatres in the country, and were performed as premieres on the International Festival ”Ohrid summer”. For the play ”Dumb Language” he won the Macedonian National Theatre Award for Best play of the year 2000. His plays have been played by the Macedonian theatres in several countries such as Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Albania and France, and some of them have also won many awards. He is present in all Anthology book of the Macedonian short prose that have been published in the last 20 years, and his novels and stories have been translated in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Roman, Slovenian, Hungarian, Turkish, Bulgarian, Croatian and Serbian language.


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“Stale Popov” – Best prose book of the year
“Novel of the year” by Utrinski vesnik
“13th of November”

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