Art of Living by Goran Glavinac

Book that points to ways in which we can approach life and its varied challenges in a simple but effective manner. Written in simple and clear language it nevertheless offers us the prospect to delve into particular subjects and issues should we wish to do so. As such, it is a remarkable book that is both inspirational and accessible to any reader.
The author’s perceptions are the fruit of many and varied sources; be it from books, conversations or experiences of events. The most significant part however is borne out from simply direct perceptions of what is taking place in our surroundings.
The most important factor when reading this book is that all ideas and beliefs about life, regardless of who presents them, are not to be accepted a priori but must be questioned, analysed and rediscovered within ourselves. This is the spirit in which this book has been written; its aim is not to impose any kind of thought systems or solutions but to instead suggest facts and point to a state of mind in which we can find ourselves. Regardless of the external circumstances in which we live – our sex, race or age – everyone has the capacity to prize out that state of mind, an outlook that recognises that there is an art to living life.
Through this book we can find ways to get us closer to that wonderful psycho-physical condition although the author is only too aware that words may not be sufficient to accurately describe that state of mind, that feeling of perceiving life as an art form. Furthermore, we can explore some mind states, actions or feelings that can get us closer or indeed distance us from the art of living.
This state of mind automatically enables us to live a life of content and freedom of thought. This is precisely why this book’s title is the ‘art of living’. It enables us to become open, sincere and free; with a mind in harmony with the universe which leads to the light at the end of the tunnel of existence.
The book starts from the point that through history man has tried to find a society and a system that can change human beings and create peace and harmony. The truth is that only peaceful and harmonious human beings can create that kind of society. That state of peace and harmony within can be achieved only if we understand that all human beings in the world are the same and that “I” as an individual, represented by my ego is an illusion in the psychological sense.
The book analyses the problem of believe and faith in general and tries to explain the reasons for its existing. It is pointing to the people who use faith – the authorities, and all the problems that arise if we blindly follow them.

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Goran Glavinac

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